Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mil Mi-6 Hook cockpit (Aviation museum of Riga, Latvia)

This huge baby welcomes you when you get inside the aviation museum of Riga. Before being replaced by the Mil Mi-26 Halo, the Mi-6 was the biggest helicopter in the world.  This aircraft was repainted by the museum.
Needless to say that when the guy of the museum asked me if I wanted to get inside this monster I was about to poop in my pants :-)

Portboard landing gear
I was lucky enough to get inside the monster and discover a museum full of soviet-era stuff
Some access door on the ceiling
Seat inside the nose of the monster
Inside the nose (portboard)
Starboard side of the nose +  my hairy arm as a bonus
Above pilot's head


  1. Merci pour cette sélection de photos, belle bête!